The Real Estate Market Report: December 2021 Results

Neighborhoods with the best percentage of sales to active listings (only neighborhoods with at least 25 combined actives and solds are included):

1. West Chester //  77 sold with 15 active //  513%
or a ratio of 5.13 solds to each active listing

2.  Deerfield Twp.  //  58 sold with 12 active // 483%
or a ratio of 4.83 solds to each active listing

3. Miami Twp. //  52 sold with 12 active // 433%
or a ratio of 4.33 solds to each active listing

Compiled using information from the Multiple Listing Service of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky for the period 12/1/2021 through 12/31/2021. Information has not been verified, is not guaranteed and subject to change.

Suburb# Sold# ActiveAvg $ ListAvg $ SaleDays on Mkt.
Amberly Village40$682,200$684,0005
Blue Ash1611$495,185$409,675180
Columbia Tusculum910$494,895$350,887112
Columbia Twp.20$236,950$229,5005
Crestview Hills05$179,760$0
Dayton, KY1044$512,019$153,79552
Deer Park111$227,708$228,53616
Deerfield Twp5812$522,401$428,18254
East End223$783,267$438,500368
Fort Mitchell88$903,612$236,75134
Fort Thomas2922$707,686$339,09331
Fort Wright208$283,303$250,81031
Hyde Park257$540,732$493,22836
Indian Hill89$2,445,359$1,628,900100
Kennedy Heights45$209,200$185,92443
Lakeside Park74$300,175$354,27141
Liberty Township5326$474,315$410,60045
Miami Township5212$395,447$363,71946
Mt. Adams26$898,725$367,50071
Mt. Auburn519$555,702$567,22856
Mt. Lookout75$584,483$495,00270
Mt. Washington104$210,643$193,96014
Park Hills47$618,128$335,37519
Pierce Township2112$410,336$278,45750
Pleasant Ridge152$278,912$274,25714
South Lebanon116$423,550$477,51335
Sycamore Twshp.156$362,933$326,44737
Symmes Twshp.93$561,075$483,33324
Terrace Park43$538,429$631,25020
Villa Hills1717$797,382$564,14613
Walnut Hills1319$413,147$229,53875
West Chester7715$359,174$331,04528
Western Hills348$248,279$228,74115

Majestic Mountain Views

We partner with over 1000 Sotheby’s real estate offices in 77 countries. Each month we showcase a property from one of these partners. Our feature property this month is located in Highland, Utah.

Step inside this stunning home in the heart of Highland. With an amazing view of the mountains, this Twin Bridges beauty has everything you’re looking for!


Large windows and vaulted ceilings make this home feel spacious and grand. The gourmet kitchen has double ovens, granite countertops and a fireplace.

Enjoy a cozy fire in the main floor master with a large ensuite bathroom and walk-in closet. Relax in the jetted tub and dual shower. The front office, with french doors, makes this the perfect place to work from home or escape for some quiet time.

Upstairs you will find 4 spacious bedrooms with walk-in closets and 2 jack and jill baths. The walkout basement boasts a family room with a fireplace, 3 more bedrooms, second laundry, and a workout room.

The perfect place to gather with family and friends. It is stubbed for a kitchen and has an entrance from the garage, ideal to rent it out in the future. Other features include water softener, 2 HVACS (one replaced this year), 2 AC units, and plumbed and wired for central vac.

The back deck looks out over nicely landscaped, spacious backyard with an in-ground trampoline. Come and take a look!

Currently listed for $1,500,000. For additional information and to see all the property photographs, click here.  You may also contact us by email at or phone at 513.321.6000. We will be glad to guide you!

Cross-country Skiing – Cold Weather Fun

As the colder temps spread across the country and the snow begins to accumulate, there are many people who begin to prep gear for the chilly adventures that await.  If you are familiar with the terms “Bluebird Day” or “Après-Ski”, you probably have spent some time racing down a mountain on skis or a snowboard.  But have you ever tried Nordic skiing?

Originally, skiing began thousands of years ago simply as a means for traveling cross-country over snow in areas like Norway and Scandinavia.  People in the region started using long, wooden boards to make traveling across the snowy landscapes easier. The word ski comes from the Old Norse word skíð which means a stick of wood.  Skiers would wear skis of equal length and depend on a single pole to maneuver over terrain until 1741 when two poles were introduced.  This provided greater balance and made moving through the snow much easier.  By the 1800s, skiing evolved as a source of recreation and enjoyment.

Unlike the more traditional Alpine skis many of us are more familiar seeing today, Nordic skis are attached to a boot only at the toe allowing for liftoff of the heel and to give a skier the ability to move both up and down hills. Alpine skis are connected at both the toe and heel thus giving greater control for turning and stopping.

Nordic skiing involves a technique for pushing yourself along on rolling landscapes and on tracks. Nordic skiers are usually seen on specially made courses, often with two grooves cut into the snow, one for each ski. Nordic tracks are situated on terrain that is generally quite gentle when you compare it to Alpine skiing terrain.

The idea of Nordic skiing is to have an easier way of traveling through deep snow. The skating and gliding motion over snow is much more efficient than sinking into the snow on foot or even snowshoes.

The Different Types of Nordic Skiing

There are three main varieties of Nordic skiing: cross-country skiing, Telemark skiing, and alpine touring.

Classic cross-country skiing uses narrow, lightweight skis and poles on designated “tracks” in the snow. It’s a great choice for beginners because it’s fairly easy to learn and the amount of effort required depends on how fast you go.

Telemark skiing, named after the Telemark region in Norway, is more of an “off-road” variety of skiing that uses thicker and heavier skis. The increased stability of the larger skis combined with the loose heel of Nordic skiing allows skiers to make their way up steep hills as well as glide downhill.

Alpine touring takes is a step closer to downhill skiing. Alpine skis are also thicker and sturdier, but they let skiers either bind their entire foot or keep their heels loose. As a result, the skis are quite versatile, ideal for exploration.


For those of you looking to work on your New Year’s resolution of exercise, maybe think about taking up this activity.  While it might not look all that difficult, Nordic skiing is possibly the world’s toughest outdoor sport, burning up to 952 calories an hour.


Just as the ocean calls to some, so to do the snowy mountain ranges in winter.  Have you ever considered a second home somewhere cold like our featured destination home in Utah? After you move in, seek out one of their Nordic trails to experience it for yourself.

Resetting – with Serenity

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Sam Yo, a London-based Peloton instructor, is the first to say that the months he spent at a monastery when he was 20 years old ultimately had the biggest impact on how he wants to live his life.

“Every day was simple, straightforward, and structured,” says Yo, now 42, who spent his early career in the theater, making his West End debut in The King and I in 2000, before continuing an incredible two-decade career in the theater that ended in 2018. “That gave me the space to have more awareness, to get in touch with my culture, and uncover the answers to some of the questions I had about my identity, what I can contribute to the world, and what I could let go.”

But Yo also is clear on another thing: You don’t have to join a monastery—and shave your head, he says with a laugh—to achieve that same sense of serenity you can get in a place focused on contemplation and prayer.

“We can all agree that there’s a lot of noise and it’s ongoing 24/7,” he says. “But you can find a way around that by evaluating what you have in your life that you can strip back on and I always try to tell people that it’s not so much about stuff. Rather, it’s more about the quality of stuff you have and the quality of people you have around you.”

Read on as Yo shares his tips for resetting, and something he does every day to maintain serenity:


To feel healthier during a stressful time, break down your goals. “Make your game plan manageable,” Yo says. “The words I always use are motivation, discipline, and structure,” he says. “So if you haven’t exercised [since Covid began], motivate yourself to start small and do it for 10 minutes twice a week and then add more time—that takes discipline and structure.”

Sam Yo, a Peloton instructor, suggests you break down your fitness goals into a manageable game plan in order to stick to them.
Photo Credit: Dominic Marley for Peloton


As you age, the way you move should evolve, too. “As I’ve gotten older, my joints have gotten stiffer so I always make sure to stretch during at least four sessions a week,” he says. “I’ll do a five- to 10-minute yoga or meditation session at the end of the night to keep my body mobilized.”


For Yo, this includes tending his 15-year-old bonsai tree named Bruce Tree, a gift he received from a friend a decade ago. “I water and clip the dead leaves first thing every morning and this exercise lets me put my thoughts into focus,” he says. “At the monastery we were told to give merit and service to others. My first action is to give Bruce Tree my attention every morning.”


While it’s fun to wake up and cook up a different breakfast every day, Yo has eaten the same morning meal of scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, whole-grain toast, and a cup of tea for as long as he can remember. “I enjoy it, but it also eliminates the need to make a decision every morning,” he says. “Having this sense of clarity about my breakfast gets my day off to a really good start.”


Ask Yo and he’ll tell you that feeling grounded remains a work in progress. “For me, it’s all about taking time to cut out the noise,” he says. “I focus on my breathing, working out, spending time with family, and there’s always Friday night dim sum and Netflix to look forward to!”

The Home Front November 2021: November Market Report

Neighborhoods with the best percentage of sales to active listings (only neighborhoods with at least 25 combined actives and solds are included):

1. MT. WASHINGTON //  21 sold with 4 active //  525%
or a ratio of 5.25 solds to each active listing

2.  WESTERN HILLS  //  29 sold with 6 active // 483%
or a ratio of 4.83 solds to each active listing

3. MIAMI TWP //  64 sold with 16 active // 400%
or a ratio of 4 solds to each active listing

Compiled using information from the Multiple Listing Service of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky for the period 11/1/2021 through 11/30/2021. Information has not been verified, is not guaranteed and subject to change.

Suburb# Sold# ActiveAvg $ ListAvg $ SaleDays on Mkt.   
Amberly Village31$444,825$445,33331
Blue Ash2017$521,246$421,690159
Columbia Tusculum216$586,289$326,500147
Crestview Hills50$0$187,20054
Dayton, KY744$506,528$149,55735
Deer Park133$218,338$228,30817
Deerfield Twp3617$586,555$461,73067
East End322$823,772$592,208366
Fort Mitchell98$802,875$408,11126
Fort Thomas1729$609,927$280,28834
Fort Wright711$278,152$281,72627
Hyde Park2115$464,165$426,74137
Indian Hill911$2,045,575$1,008,778145
Kennedy Heights34$212,529$171,33350
Lakeside Park65$322,740$222,33375
Liberty Township5729$515,297$431,39158
Madison Place42$550,067$182,75025
Miami Township6416$478,537$371,56241
Mt. Adams610$1,018,050$592,68370
Mt. Auburn821$481,779$411,50056
Mt. Lookout1511$544,470$443,58056
Mt. Washington214$216,190$217,67510
Park Hills63$716,316$398,33329
Pierce Township2115$478,403$333,11641
Pleasant Ridge174$276,967$272,81226
South Lebanon182$365,999$368,5717
Sycamore Twshp.216$390,498$378,68638
Symmes Twshp.213$435,721$388,57319
Terrace Park41$740,580$801,8509
Villa Hills1815$787,932$574,45026
Walnut Hills1621$435,132$291,77564
West Chester7519$361,388$318,78131
Western Hills296$244,031$218,93414

Jewels of a Christmas Tree











Decorating the Christmas tree is one of many cherished holiday traditions passed down from generation to generation around the world.  Families gather together each year, pull out boxes and boxes of treasured Christmas ornaments, and make memories together.   But how did evergreen trees and ornaments come to play such a role in our Christmas experiences?

Plants and trees that remained green all year have always held a special meaning for people in the winter.  Evergreen boughs or trees were used to represent the certainty that life would return in the spring, that farms and orchards would be green and fruitful, as a symbol of good luck to ward off evil spirits and illness, and even triumph of life over death.

The modern Christmas tree tradition is thought to have originated in Germany during the 16th century when devout Christians brought small trees decorated with fruits, nuts, or berries into their homes.


Legend has it an early glass blower did not have the money to buy nuts and sweets for his tree so instead of leaving it bare, he blew a few colorful baubles to hang on it.

Then in 1847, in Lauscha, Germany, Hans Greiner began producing glass ornaments and adding mercury or silver nitrate inside to give them a beautiful silvery sheen.

In the late 1840s, a published depiction of the beloved Queen Victoria celebrating Christmas with her German-born husband, Prince Albert, and their family around a decorated evergreen tree transformed the practice into a fashionable one that wealthy Americans soon rushed to adopt.

In short order, local businesses caught on to the ornament’s potential. The decorated Christmas tree had arrived!


By the 1890s Christmas ornaments were arriving from Germany and Christmas tree popularity was on the rise around the U.S.  It was noted that Europeans used small trees about four feet in height, while Americans liked their Christmas trees to reach from floor to ceiling.

One of the first American mass merchandisers, F.W. Woolworth, saw the commercial opportunity and began importing German glass ornaments into this country.  By the mid-1930s, over 250,000 ornaments were imported to the United States from manufacturers all over the world.

As time went on, tree decorations became increasingly artful, incorporating new materials such as tinsel, silk, and wool.  Today the most common materials for modern Christmas ornaments are glass, metal, plastic and wood.  In 1973 Hallmark introduced their “Keepsake” ornaments which encouraged the yearly collection of limited-edition ornaments.

Regardless of how it started, decorating the tree is a memorable time each year when families come together and share in the delight of unwrapping treasured ornaments, remembering moments from the past as they look forward to celebrations and new holiday memories.

Escape to Stunning Caribbean Sea Views

We partner with over 1000 Sotheby’s real estate offices in 77 countries. Each month we showcase a property from one of these partners. Our feature property this month is located in Bois D’Orange, Gros-Islet, St. Lucia.

Located 700 feet above sea level, this Estate Villa, within the Windjammer Landing Beach Resort, offers beautiful beach frontage and all the amenities of a five-star resort.

The villa, designed by Jim White of Caribbean American Architects, features Mediterranean architecture, white stucco walls, terracotta clay tile roof, and polished natural limestone tiles throughout.

Uninterrupted view of the Caribbean Sea and magnificent sunsets for which St Lucia is renowned. To the north is a view of the French neighboring island of Martinique and to the south is the Capital, Castries. The view from the villa is captivating both day and night.

The villa offers two stories with the upstairs consisting of the entrance hallway, the dining room, sunken living room with cathedral ceilings and kitchen with dark wood cupboards and stainless-steel appliances. The counters are finished in black sapphire granite. There is a center island in granite with a wine fridge.

In addition to the three rooms, there is an external covered patio with majestic views of the surrounding area. The patio is fully furnished including al-fresco dining. The ceilings are pickled pine, and the windows are arched with French styled fenestrations. Both the living and dining rooms, which walk to a small patio with scroll metal banisters facing the ocean. All of these rooms are beautifully furnished, and all face the Sea views.

The kitchen and dining rooms feature Italian metal chandeliers and wall sconces. The living room is fitted with Italian wall sconces and a classic large hunter fan with light. Both the kitchen and the living rooms are air conditioned. There is a flat screen TV in the kitchen and the living room.

From the upstairs balcony is a scroll metal spiral staircase leading to the pool terrace. There is also a lighted gazebo with granite topped table and 4 cushioned chairs that affords magnificent views from every angle. Downstairs from the gazebo is the maid’s room with toilet and sink, full laundry, and spacious storage area.

The interior and exterior living space are in excess of 3,000 sq. ft. and villa sits on approximately 8,800 sq. ft. of land. It is surrounded by other Estate Villas of equal quality and standard and there is beautiful landscaping all around. There is also parking for two cars.

Currently listed for $1,250,000. For additional information and to see all the property photographs, click here.  You may also contact us by email at or phone at 513.321.6000. We will be glad to guide you!




Water. It’s Not Just H2O.

We have all heard that pairing your wine and food helps to enhance the dining experience.  For some, its essential while others choose to drink simply what they like.  When enjoying a meal in fine a restaurant you may even encounter a sommelier, the wine professional formally trained in all things wine.

While all this fuss is made over the wine you are selecting, not much thought is put into the water you drink.  Until now.

While many might snicker at the thought of someone being an expert at making water suggestions, water sommeliers aren’t entirely uncommon in Europe.

Just like the subtle variances found in wine, a water sommelier is educated on understanding the nuances and varied properties of water and how they are unique to their origin, how each of them differs in composition, nutritional benefits, taste and health properties, if any.

All water is originated from rain or other precipitation but once it falls there are other factors that influence its taste.  Most water we consume today fell hundreds or even thousands of years ago.  Water then emerges or is extracted from various sources: spring water, artesian water, well water, rain water, iceberg water, glacier water, or deep sea water.

Lets take a closer look at what is in your water and how it contributes to the taste:

Minerality – The amount of minerals dissolved in water is indicated as total dissolved solids (TDS or Dry Residue), measured in milligrams per liter (mg/l) or parts per million (ppm), which are equal.

Natural Carbonation – Certain rare geological conditions can produce naturally carbonated water; often the carbonation can be attributed to volcanic activity. Naturally carbonated waters have historically been highly sought after for their supposed curative properties. The carbon dioxide helps this water absorb minerals in high levels.

Added Carbonation –  Current carbonation techniques involve pressurizing carbon dioxide before adding it to the water—the pressure increases the amount of carbon dioxide that will dissolve. Opening the bottle of water releases pressure, allowing the carbon dioxide to form bubbles that hadn’t previously been visible.

Vintage – The age of bottled waters should be noted, though, as an enjoyable part of their backstories, which add to the epicurean pleasure. Wine needs time to smooth out its tannin structure, but the quality of mineral water is not determined by its age. Vintage does influence water, however. Very young water and bottled Rain Waters don’t have much time to absorb minerals, so they tend to have low TDS levels and hence light, clean tastes. Old water may feel more substantial due to the higher Minerality.

Hardness – Calcium and magnesium levels combine to determine the mineral water’s “hardness”.

Orientation – pH Factor of Water – pH (for “potential hydrogen”) measures the waters’s level of acidity or alkalinity

Virginality – Indicates how protected a water is from its surroundings. It is determined by the water’s level of nitrate

Balance – Carbonation Levels of Bottled Water

The first recorded water sommelier in America was Martin Riese in 2011 when he relocated to Los Angeles from northern Germany.  Martin believes water is the most important beverage on the planet, and he’s urging consumers to rethink the value of this precious resource.

Like wine, water experts use words like minerality, balance and mouthfeel to describe a taste and use flavor profiles to match food.

Denmark makes a water called Iskilde. It is from a spring that was discovered 15 years ago by a retired insurance broker and his wife. Experts think water from that spring might be so old it could be from the last ice age.  According to Riese, Iskilde has both sweet and earthy notes making it a solid companion for pasta, mushroom dishes or pizza with truffles.

For delicate food, like sushi, it’s best to go with something smooth and subtle, like still water with low minerality. The water Lauquen from Patagonia would work for even the most discerning palate.

For dessert, a Spanish water called Vichy Catalan, which is very salty and bitter, can add a surprising dimension to chocolate dishes.

One of the prime joys of matching water and food, and one of the true marks of water connoisseurship is changing waters for each course, developing a progression of waters to guide you through the meal. Drinking a different water for each course highlights their subtle differences, and the progression adds enormously to the dining experience.

When it comes to bottled water, in the US we drink mostly spring water and filtered tap water. In Europe, mineral water is much more common. Mineral water comes from a naturally occurring source and has been revered for its therapeutic benefits for centuries.

Europeans have always known that water should not be “pure.” It needs to have dissolved minerals in it, like magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium. A lot of the bottled water sold in the US is highly processed, essentially just boiled and bottled tap water.

That’s not to say Martin doesn’t believe people should drink tap water. He recommends installing a water filter, which doesn’t need to be expensive but does need to filter out chlorine and drinking tap water over any bottled purified water.

Sure, some parts of the job might take more time to accept than others. Is water pairing really that much of a thing? Still, Riese’s intentions seem to be very much in the right place. “Maybe people will start to rethink their use of water as well,” he explains. “Thinking, hey, actually water has taste; water has a value. Water is precious in our lives. Maybe we should rethink a little bit how we are using water in a better way.”

Want to learn more? Visit The Fine Water Society at

Martin Riese:

*Its best to enjoy your water from a glass container.  Plastic is slightly permeable and over time will affect the taste and odor of your beverage.
And its better for our environment.

The Home Front November 2021: October Market Report

Neighborhoods with the best percentage of sales to active listings (only neighborhoods with at least 25 combined actives and solds are included):

1. WESTERN HILLS  //  40 sold with 7 active //  571%
or a ratio of 5.71 solds to each active listing

2.  LOVELAND //  22 sold with 5 active // 440%
or a ratio of 4.40 solds to each active listing

3. WEST CHESTER //  102 sold with 29 active // 351%
or a ratio of 3.51 solds to each active listing

Compiled using information from the Multiple Listing Service of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky for the period 10/1/2021 through 10/31/2021. Information has not been verified, is not guaranteed and subject to change.

SuburbSIC# Sold# ActiveAvg $ ListAvg $ SaleDays on Mkt.
Amberly VillageE02 - AM33$629,718$597,50019
AndersonE07 - AN7138$432,527$398,76334
AvondaleE01 - AV913$229,707$217,47845
BellevueK15 - BE1412$366,916$169,02114
Blue AshE06 - BA1621$513,229$421,545155
CliftonE01- CL69$413,833$408,25042
Columbia TownshipE04 - CO90146$524,439$416,24197
Columbia TusculumE04 - CT1118$438,855$372,264101
CovingtonK01 - CO3073$359,565$250,34327
Crestview HillsK08 - CH33$204,566$208,16616
Dayton, KYK15 - DA647$490,908$173,66626
Deer ParkE05 - DP76$216,662$221,40017
Deerfield TwpE09 - DE6120$494,624$402,31648
Dntn/OTRE01 - CI2771$402,792$394,73376
East EndE04 - EE326$930,158$843,900305
EdgewoodK08 - ED810$1,789,190$248,98724
Fort MitchellK08 - FM66$1,136,000$358,73324
Fort ThomasK16 - FT2034$591,791$357,73545
Fort WrightK07 - FW98$279,269$290,47820
GlendaleW03 - GD38$236,753$160,000106
Hyde ParkE04 - HP2230$499,635$526,45542
Indian HillE08 - IH916$2,094,964$1,038,056111
Kennedy HeightsE05 - KH74$235,500$239,91423
KenwoodE06 - KW04$423,700$057
Lakeside ParkK08 - LP45$332,940$351,47524
LebanonE13 - LE3422$337,853$252,13631
Liberty TownshipE16 - LT6429$512,436$452,51047
LinwoodE04 - LW26$451,150$208,950232
LovelandE06, C02, E09 - LO225$369,222$276,02021
MadeiraE06 - MD1112$575,817$467,26878
MadisonvilleE04 - MV1519$313,710$269,89349
MainevilleE09 - MV11$277,400$230,00069
MariemontE08 - MA810$576,583$404,95080
MasonE09 - MA4936$512,267$410,40351
Miami TownshipC02 - MI6332$458,162$325,69348
MilfordE06, C02 - ML75$396,225$248,07138
MontgomeryE06 - MO1734$741,252$660,180129
Mt. AdamsE01 - AD311$1,230,050$1,011,00059
Mt. AuburnE01 - AU316$425,279$175,83370
Mt. LookoutE04 - ML915$665,005$561,16753
Mt. WashingtonE07 - MW164$235,935$241,50015
NewportK14 - NE1837$461,715$291,29516
NewtownE07 - NE11$239,950$240,00028
NorthsideW05 - NS914$244,478$241,98938
NorwoodE02 - NW3024$212,015$209,56529
OakleyE04 - OA2629$462,448$355,85974
Park HillsK07 - PH17$734,700$243,0001
Pierce TownshipC01 - PI1813$529,853$321,29741
Pleasant RidgeE05 - PR105$249,160$243,50016
SharonvilleE03,E12 - SH161$212,588$219,99311
SilvertonE05 - SI43$258,400$237,87528
South LebanonE13 - SL115$424,506$438,93817
Sycamore Twshp.E05, E06 - SY166$374,091$352,69133
Symmes Twshp.E06 - ST106$510,969$527,29039
Terrace ParkE08 - TP22$481,200$347,50022
Villa HillsK07 - VH2020$737,326$406,80510
Walnut HillsE01 - WH1822$399,913$248,57661
West ChesterE12 - EW, WW10229$371,749$340,97022
Western HillsW08 - GT407$228,832$213,4799
WyomingW02 - WY1318$568,829$385,846286

The Tudor House – Beautiful, Scenic, and Historic!

We partner with over 1000 Sotheby’s real estate offices in 75 countries. Each month we showcase a property from one of these partners. Our feature property this month is located in Stamford, Vermont.
The best that Southern Vermont has to offer with this stunning home. Featuring barn, equestrian and farm lifestyle, acreage, pastures and in-ground pool. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places and cited in Wikipedia, the home was built by John Tudor circa 1900.
With meticulous attention to detail, the home offers stunning woodwork throughout. The 6 bedrooms are either en-suite or have their own sitting rooms with views of Mt Greylock in the Berkshires of MA. Four beautiful fireplaces add to the ambiance of this historic home.
A modern, updated kitchen, large dining room, breakfast nook and convenient butler’s pantry make entertaining a dream. Along with in-door entertaining, step out into the private, serene back yard to entertain guests at the in-ground pool with its own outdoor kitchen and bathroom.
There are nearly 10 acres of flat, lush grounds. A lovely, fenced pasture for horses to graze. Fruit trees are well-established just waiting to be picked. If that isn’t enough, enjoy the scenic backdrop surrounding a 3 story post and beam barn which includes 5 horse stalls, tack room and hayloft. What equestrian wouldn’t want to ride and then lounge by the pool with a mint julep?
This stunning property is near Mt Snow Ski Resort, Haystack Golf Course, Williams College, MASS MoCA, Albany Int’l Airport, Tanglewood, Clark Art Institute and more. She’s a beauty. Should she be yours?
Currently listed for $1,250,000. For additional information and to see all the property photographs, click here.  You may also contact us by email at or phone at 513.321.6000. We will be glad to guide you!