Buyers and Sellers Love Virtual Solutions

Many home buyers have adopted virtual tours as part of their new normal routine in shopping for a home.  Sellers also benefit by including virtual solutions in their marketing strategy to sell their home. Some of the advantages for both buyers and sellers are listed below. But first, here is a quick description and comparison of two types of virtual solutions most commonly used in the residential real estate market. The same property is featured in both so you can easily see the difference.

Property Video Tour

A professional videographer will film the inside and outside of your home using equipment specifically designed to capture a smooth, captivating experience that gives the viewer far more visual and spatial information about your home than still photography can provide.

3D Virtual Tours

Homes can be virtually toured using 3D technology which delivers a realistic, immersive experience, allowing viewers to navigate through the space as if they were physically there. Unlike property video tours, the viewer gets to decide where to look and where to go, making each 3D virtual tour a truly unique experience.

Your 3D or video strategy will attract prospective buyers who cannot physically get to every property that attracts their interest. These tours are quickly becoming as important as quality photography to sell your home, meeting the needs and expectations of an increasingly tech-savvy society.

There are several reasons, listed below, that both buyers and sellers love property video tours and 3D virtual yours.

Safety. Providing virtual solutions – like property video tours and 3D virtual tours – helps both buyers and sellers conduct business while practicing social distancing.

Accessibility. Your home is open to potential buyers 24/7. Prospective buyers can “visit” your home without having to leave theirs or physically enter yours.

Flow. Video and 3D tours convey the floor plan of your home, giving buyers the opportunity to experience the flow of your home without having to see it in person. The flow of a home simply cannot be captured in still photography.

Time Saver. Showings can be very disruptive and time consuming for both buyers and sellers. Allowing buyers to virtually tour your home online can reduce the number of fruitless showings, thus saving everyone time.

Added Value. The sophistication of video and 3D marketing enhances the perception of the value of your property and can shorten its time on the market.

Expectations. As the cost of producing virtual solutions has become more affordable, more real estate agents and their sellers are adopting this technology. Prospective buyers, especially millennials – who make up the largest percentage of buyers – expect and want to see property videos.

Competitive Edge. Virtual tours have been shown to attract more views and generate more leads than text and still images alone. Including a virtual tour in your marketing plan can give you a solid advantage in a competitive market.

Our agents at Robinson Sotheby’s International Realty are committed to providing the latest technology to their clients to deliver the very best outcome for them. They are experienced in working with videographers and other professionals who provide these services. If you are thinking of selling your home, please talk to one of our agents who can give you expert advice on which one is the best choice for you.

Now Offering More Ways to Tour Our Homes

Many home buyers have adopted virtual tours as part of their new normal home buying process. In response, Robinson Sotheby’s International Realty has added quality virtual solutions as an option in addition to the traditional tours and open houses. We’d like to introduce you to one of the ways to tour some of our homes using 3D virtual technology. This technology delivers a realistic, immersive experience that allows you to navigate through the space as though you were physically there. You control where you go and how long you stay in each area of the home. Click on one of the three images below to begin your tour.

Charming Hyde Park Tudor

Spacious Pierce Township Traditional on 8 Acres

Stylish Midcentury Modern in Amberley Village