Happening: Visual Arts


Unlocking an Art Deco Bedroom by Joseph Urban
Now – Oct 2
Over 90 years after its completion, the Wormser bedroom will go on public view for the first time, fully conserved and installed to reflect its original state as photographed in 1930.


On the Line: Documents of Risk and Faith
Now – January 2023
A group exhibition of artists whose work engages the complex and contested relationship humans have with notions of environment, wilderness, nature, and place. Drawing metaphorically from the phrase “on the line”—what is at risk; what is at stake; the body caught and captured; following the path of a line—the exhibition repositions various artistic interventions, with a focus on ephemeral acts to suggest an expanded conception of photographic time and the document.

Kahlil Robert Irving: Ground Water from screen Falls Street
Now – December 30, 2025
For the lobby carpet installation, Kahlil Robert Irving integrates imagery of asphalt with pop culture references, news headlines, and digital ephemera.


Craft and Camera: The Art of Nancy Ford Cones
October 1 – January 15, 2023
On a small riverside farm in Loveland, Ohio, Nancy Ford Cones created photographs that earned her a national reputation during a time when female artists continued to struggle for recognition. Despite the praise they received during her lifetime, Cones’s imaginative and exquisitely crafted works were largely forgotten after her death. This exhibition resurrects the gifted artist’s career and contributions to the field of photography.


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