Happenings: Visual Arts


Black & Brown Faces: Paying Homage To
Now – June 19

Building on the impact of 2020’s inaugural Black & Brown Faces exhibition, this presentation expands the representation of Midwestern artists of color to 15. Each brings their own interpretation of portraiture paying homage to 15 living honorees of color who are working to make our city a more equitable and just community.

One Each: Still Lifes by Cézanne, Pissarro and Friends
Now – May 8

These five paintings combine familiar subjects from the kitchen counter and dinner table—a glass of wine, freshly-caught fish, a loaf of bread, lemons—with revolutionary artistic intent. The artists’ methods of making are put boldly on view—broad and emphatic brushwork, paint sculpted on the canvas. The Impressionists termed this audacious rebalancing of priorities and values in an artwork “sincerity.”

David Driskell: Icons of Nature and History
Now – May 15

David Driskell (1931–2020) was one of the most revered American artists of his generation and a powerful advocate for the recognition of Black artists and their contributions to art history. Featuring sixty vibrant paintings, prints, drawings and collages, this exhibition surveys Driskell’s versatile artistic practice.

Working Together: The Photographers of the Kamoinge Workshop
Now – May 15

Working Together is the first major museum exhibition about the Kamoinge Workshop, a groundbreaking African American photographers’ collective founded in New York City in 1963. The founders chose the name Kamoinge—meaning “a group of people acting and working together” in the Gikuyu language of Kenya—to reflect their shared dedication to community, collective action, and a global outlook.


Asha Ama’s NEW MOON, a Co-LAB Exhibition
April 30–June 5

Asha Ama’s upcoming collection, NEW MOON, looks to the future—how the world will look through the lens of the divine, Black, female energy that will heal the world.

Breaking Water
May 6- August 14

Breaking Water is a group exhibition bringing together works in installation, video, photography, painting, sculpture, and performance that offer a range of approaches to the subject of water, liquidity, and feminism.


In a New Light | Treasures from the Taft
Now – May 1

Final days….In a New Light explores a broad range of eras, cultures, and art forms through their historical context, subject matter, materials, and makers. European decorative arts and Chinese porcelains dazzle the eye with their intricate designs and brilliant colors. Nineteenth-century American furniture impresses us with its stately elegance. European and American portraits and landscape paintings show off the mastery of some of the greatest artists of the past. Through select works, the exhibition will reveal centuries-old social concerns such as the distribution of wealth, environmental destruction, and gender and racial inequality.


Morris and Company: The Business of Beauty
Now –Jun 13

Beyond its aesthetic offerings, the home furnishings company had deep philosophical objectives: to elevate handmade objects over mass-produced goods and to bring art into the everyday.

Artist, designer, and writer William Morris (1838–1896) founded Morris & Co. 160 years ago, in 1861. The company quickly became regarded for the objects it designed and made for home interiors—handmade wallpapers, textiles, and furniture—and its style became synonymous with the British Arts and Crafts movement of the late 19th century. Morris was both an avid student of art history and devotee of the natural world, and his and his company’s works were characterized by a design vocabulary drawn from both European and Middle Eastern historical fabric designs and featured, and were titled after, flowers and plants.

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