Happenings: Visual Arts October/November 2021



The Paper Sculpture Manual
Now – TBD

Cincinnati Art Museum along with the Independent Curators International (ICI) invite our global digital community to create and collaborate with The Paper Sculpture Manual, a downloadable, printable, and shareable manual to take you away from your screens and recreate art experiences in domestic spaces.


Simply Brilliant: Artist-Jewelers of the 1960s and 1970s
October 22 – February 6

Jewelry of the 1960s and 1970s was as groundbreaking as the era itself.  The individual makers represented in Simply Brilliant referred to themselves as artists first, jewelers second. They approached their work as a modern art form. Theirs was a style that was appreciated by individuals who were looking for something different in an era when different was best.



Contemplation Room & Library of Love
Now – December 11

The movement of water has become increasingly important in the work of Brazilian artist Sandra Cinto, from churning seascapes and rhythmic ocean waves to the graceful cascade of glacial passage. In this immersive installation, she channels the latter to cultivate the contemplation of time and being – employing delicate washes of diluted paint to transform this room into a multi-sensory sanctuary.

Marwa Arsanios: A Letter Inside a Letter
Now – February 27

Who is Afraid of Ideology (2017-21) is an expansive filmic quadrilogy that contrasts frameworks of ownership, extraction, and accumulation, with ideas associated with feminism, collectivism, and grassroots revolt.  Marwa Arsanios presents the four films that comprise this magnum opus, including the world premiere of the final chapter, alongside a suite of new drawings and textiles.



In a New Light | Treasures from the Taft
Now – May 1

In a New Light explores a broad range of eras, cultures, and art forms through their historical context, subject matter, materials, and makers. European decorative arts and Chinese porcelains dazzle the eye with their intricate designs and brilliant colors. Nineteenth-century American furniture impresses us with its stately elegance. European and American portraits and landscape paintings show off the mastery of some of the greatest artists of the past. Through select works, the exhibition will reveal centuries-old social concerns such as the distribution of wealth, environmental destruction, and gender and racial inequality.

Borrowed Gems from the Taft Museum of Art
Now – February 21

The Taft Museum of Art shares more than 40 works of art with audiences at the Cincinnati Museum Center this summer. Borrowed Gems tells the story of the Tafts’ collection and its impact on the Cincinnati community. Portraits, landscape paintings and decorative art reveal how the collection inspired Cincinnati artisans to create beautiful objects of their own. Through their vision as art collectors and philanthropists, Charles and Anna Taft left a legacy that continues to inspire each generation anew.


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