Creature Comforts: Pet-Friendly Features to Look for in Your New Home

One luxury that has skyrocketed in popularity over the last year and a half is pet ownership. Many people have expanded their families with four-legged companions during the pandemic. And while a gourmet kitchen, landscaped grounds, or a home office may top the list of personal must-haves when considering the purchase of a new home, it’s important to accommodate furry friends as well.


Most dogs know how to swim, but some dogs love to swim. If your pooch falls into the latter category, a swimming pool, like the one at 5709 Signal Hill Road and 5958 Olive Branch Road, will provide hours of outdoor entertainment and exercise for both you and your furry friends. Just be sure your dog knows how to exit the pool and never, ever leave your dog unattended.


The spectacular property located at 1430-1440 Haven Hill Drive in Washington Township is like a private resort for dogs, especially those who enjoy the great outdoors. Six beautiful acres offer large open spaces for romping and running. When Fido is ready to cool off, there are plenty of mature shade trees plus a pond. Secure fencing around the property will keep everyone safe.


Dogs enjoying Fido Field located at 630 Eggleston Avenue at the eastern edge of downtown Cincinnati.

Both dogs and their owners will enjoy the short and pleasant walk to excellent parks and trails from all three of these properties.


Senior dogs, especially large breeds that are too heavy to pick up and carry, can often put themselves and their owners in a precarious situation when their mobility declines. Even younger dogs can sustain injuries that sometimes prevent them from being able to use stairs. That’s why the big dogs will love these properties equipped with elevators. No heavy lifting required.


For those with four-legged friends of the equine variety, this property is truly splendid. No expense was spared and no detail was overlooked at Still Water Farm located at 6300 Newtonsville Road in Pleasant Plain. This 80-acre equestrian boarding and training facility offers the finest amenities any horse could possibly want, including a Power Equigym and treadmill to stay in performance-ready shape.

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