Bucket-List Travel

Consider these lesser-known destinations for the year ahead

Historic Hot Springs and Via Ferratas in the American West

Natural Hot Spring in the Colorado mountains

Colorado and Northern Arizona are the American West destinations to find a treasure of hot springs, ferratas (climbing routes that employ steel cables, rungs, and ladders attached to natural rock formations), and charming mountain towns.

Luxe Tropical Wellness in Lanai

A father and son enjoy beautiful view of Molokai Island from Lanai Island in Hawaii

The Hawaiian island, Lanai, gets only a fraction of the visitors nearby Maui receives. When you need to get away from your getaway, the two world-class resorts located here are designed to thoroughly pamper their guests.

Next-Level Thrills in Alaska

Couple watching a morning view of Mount Denali  during golden hour from Stony Dome overlook in Denali National Park

With 6,045,153 acres (larger than the state of New Hampshire), Denali National Park is the ultimate remote travel destination. It’s also home to Sheldon Chalet, one of the world’s most extravagant highland resorts.

New Options, Spread Apart in the Maldives

Maldives island sunset in the Indian Ocean

Luxury travelers looking to enjoy world-class scenery and relaxation in private, secluded environs have long flocked to the Maldives. But with roughly 1,200 coral islands spread over 35,000 square miles, the destination offers an endless array of new locales to explore.

Hard to Reach Caribbean Highlights

A young woman floats in turquoise tropical water among granite boulders at Virgin Gorda, in the Caribbean

From the rugged heights of its rain forested mountaintops to the depths of its crystal clear turquoise waters, there are many hidden gems in the Caribbean waiting to be discovered.

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