Smart Cookies

A recent issue of RESIDE, Sotheby’s International magazine devoted to the finest in inspirational locales and lifestyles, included an article titled ‘Smart Cookies’, a guide to the best chocolate chip cookies in the US. We were delighted, but not surprised, to see that local newcomer Sweet Mae’s Cookies made the list.

You can tell simply from the mouth-watering photos of Sweet Mae’s Cookies that these are decadently divine. Tiffany Biddle, owner of Sweet Mae’s, proudly incorporates Southern-inspired flavors and textures into her signature stuffed cookies. Her love of baking has been passed down through five generations, but her “stuffed cookies with a thick Southern accent” are her own creation. “From a young age, I’d help my grandmother and mother bake different goodies and became a natural at it,” she says. “My ultimate goal with our cookie shop is to be an extension of my family’s legacy.”

As of now, Sweet Mae’s Cookies does not have a brick and mortar storefront, but cookies can be easily ordered online and shipped anywhere in the US.

Click here to read the article from RESIDE.

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