Get On Board! The Well-Adored Charcuterie Board Picks Up More Steam

Have you exhausted all your favorite recipes? Do you have recurring nightmares about washing, peeling, and chopping produce? Reached the end of the line with take-out from the same restaurants? For those suffering from cooking and take-out fatigue, the charcuterie board is just the ticket to get you on a new track.

The charcuterie board is extremely versatile and fully customizable. You can make it as big or as little as you want. You get to decide exactly what to include, or not to include. Not everyone has to eat the same thing. Like a miniature cafeteria, people can help themselves to whatever they like. Boards are fun, engaging, and different and can make even and ordinary occasion feel special. Boards are also visually appetizing. A well composed charcuterie board can truly be a work of art. Best of all, no cooking required.


For an intimate, romantic date night dinner, assemble a small board for two and pair it with a rustic red wine. Think decadent cured meats and gourmet cheeses – foods that are silky, luscious, and melt in your mouth. Prosciutto, salami, pate, a nice duo or trio of contrasting cheeses, dried and fresh fruits, and warmed olives.


Nothing is out of bounds when it comes to assembling a charcuterie board for a Super Bowl party. The goal here is to please your guests. You will score points if you include some of their favorite foods. If your guests are big fans of dessert, consider making a separate dessert board.


The charcuterie board provides the perfect opportunity to combine some of your kids’ favorite foods with some new items you’d like them to try. It’s far less intimidating to sample unfamiliar foods when you only have to eat one instead of being presenting with a whole serving.


Photo by Basil and Bubbly

Smoked meats and cheeses make excellent food pairings for bourbon. They complement the smoky flavor that’s imparted in the bourbon from the charred oak barrels. Dark chocolate and bourbon candied pecans are the perfect sweet components for a bourbon tasting. Be sure to include palate cleansers on your board. Plain crackers and light fruits are good choices.

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